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“Performance without limits”
Łódź, 12th – 20th October, 2013 






1.  The organizer of the Competition is the Chair of Piano of The Grażyna and Kiejstut Bacewicz Academy of Music in Łódź.
2.  The Director of the Competition: Prof. Maria Korecka-Soszkowska.


The 1st International Piano Competition will be held in Łódź from 12th until 20th October 2013.


The Competition is open for pianists of all nations regardless of the date of birth since there is no age limit in the Competition.


1. The application for participation in the Competition should comprise of:

  • the application form filled in Polish or English,
  • three black-white photographs – 9x13cm or a digital photo (jpg – minimum 250 KB),
  • a copy of ID of the applicant,
  • the applicant’s artistic CV,
  • the confirmation of payment of the participation fee
    and should be sent no later than by April 15th, 2013 (the date on the postmark will be decisive) to:
    The Grażyna and Kiejstut Bacewicz Academy of Music in Łódź
    32 Gdańska St.,  90-716 Lodz, Poland

    with a note “The 1st INTERNATIONAL PIANO COMPETITION Performance without limits”

2. The participation fee in the amount of 75 EUR shall be paid to the account:
IBAN PL 45 1240 3028 1978 0010 1782 4704
with a note “The 1st INTERNATIONAL PIANO COMPETITION Performance without limits”

All banking charges should be covered by a remitter.


Applications sent before April 15th , 2013 will be a subject of verification by the Application Committee which is entitled to reject the application without giving any reasons. The Committee will be appointed by the Chair of Piano of the G. and K. Bacewicz Academy of Music in Łódź.


1. Not later than by May 31st, 2013 the applicants will be informed about their acceptance or rejection.
2. Acceptance of the application will be equal to conclusion of an agreement concerning participation in the Competition, upon conditions defined in the present document.
3. Applicants, whose applications will not be accepted will receive repayment of the participation fee  after deduction of transfer costs.
4. In case of resignation the participation fee will not be returned.


1. Participants of the Competition transfer free-of-charge to the Director of the Competition their copyrights related to:

  • performance of the works during the Competition,
  • performance of the works during the concert of prize-winners,
  • rights to their image (made by photographic and recording techniques) during the Competition and the concert of prize-winners.

1. Costs related to travel, board and lodging are to be covered by participants.  
2. Participants of the Competition will have possibility to use exercise rooms and have a rehearsal in the concert hall of the Academy of Music, where the auditions will take place.  


1. Participants are obliged to register in the Competition Office on the day defined in the notice sent by the organizers.
2. If due to important reasons a participant delays his arrival to the competition, the Chairman of the Jury may allow him/her to participate in auditions out of turn.


1. The Competition will be conducted in two rounds.
2. The order of performance of participants will be set by lot. Candidates will be informed about their date of performance before June 30th, 2013.
3. Only up to 20 participants will be advanced to the second round.
4. Auditions will be open to public and held in the concert hall of the Academy of Music in Łódź, on Fazioli piano.


1. Prizes:

  • 1st prize: 15 000 PLN
  • 2nd prize: 10 000 PLN
  • 3rd prize: 5000 PLN
  • three distinctions: 1000 PLN

Prizes are a subject to taxation.
2. Prize winners are entitled Competition Laureates. Laureates are obliged to perform free-of-charge during the concert of prize-winners.


1. The Jury shall consist of eminent pianists and tutors from Poland and abroad.
2. The verdicts of the Jury are final and irrevocable.
3. The rules of the competition cannot be altered.
4. The scoring granted by individual Jury members is open and announced with the results of a consecutive round.
5. The Jury members will not evaluate their own (present and former) students.
6. The Jury is entitled to change the number and amount of prizes, however the total amount used for prizes cannot be higher.


The Competition may be cancelled due to circumstances which do not depend on the organizers,
yet not later than by September 15th, 2013. In such case the entrance fees will be paid back to candidates.




Competition Program includes the following works, which shall be performed from memory in the order specified in the application. The order of works is to be chosen by a participant. Any changes to the program will be taken into consideration after acceptation of the Jury Chairman and previous declaration not later than 3 days before the beginning of the Competition.

ROUND I (duration up to 20 minutes)
1. F. Chopin – one of the etudes op. 10 or 25 except for etudes op. 10 nr 3, 6 and op. 25 nr 7
2. Freely chosen virtuoso etude.
    Etudes shall be performed one after another.
3. F. Chopin – freely chosen nocturne.
4. A work/works chosen by a participant.

ROUND II (duration 40-45 minutes)
1. One freely chosen classical sonata (Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven).
2. One of the following works of F. Chopin:

  • Scherzo B minor op. 20
  • Scherzo B-flat minor op. 31
  • Scherzo C-sharp minor op. 39
  • Scherzo E major op. 54
  • Ballad G minor op. 23
  • Ballad F major op. 38
  • Ballad A-flat major op. 47
  • Ballad F minor op. 52
  • Fantasia F minor op. 49
  • Barcarole F-sharp major op. 60
  • Andante spianato et grande polonaise brillante E-flat major op. 22
  • Polonaise A-flat major op. 53
  • Polonaise F-sharp minor op. 44
  • Polonaise-Fantasy A-flat major op. 61

3. A work/works chosen by a participant.




In case of any doubts contact the Competition Office: pianocompetition@amuz.lodz.pl